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Timo Newton-Syms W2-S Internet Services is owned and operated by Timo Newton-Syms and offers a range of web hosting, domain registration, web design and web site management services.

The business was set up in early 1998 in Kent and has continued to steadily grow ever since. Now in its 17th year of operation, W2-S is based in Maidenhead, Berkshire with local, national and international clients.

The business runs almost entirely on word of mouth and personal recommendations. We don't advertise in any of the glossy magazines so without happy customers boasting about our great services we'd be a bit stuck.

About Timo
Chances are if you've placed an order or needed a bit of help you'll have been in touch with Timo. He's half Finnish which explains the weird name. When he's not designing quality web sites or answering support related emails, he enjoys travelling (with a laptop of course), cycling (without laptop), and searching for new satellite TV and radio stations from the far corners of the world.

About the name
Many people ask what W2-S actually stands for. Unfortunately it's nothing very exciting or witty. Strictly speaking it means "West 2-South" - the name of a halls of residence corridor at the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK) where the founding members lived for the first year of their student life. The name just stuck with us and has also been used for a few other projects. There's a web site out there somewhere about the antics we got up as students to all those years ago but that's a story for another day...

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